Six simple tips to make your lingerie more professional!

“Practice makes perfect” And we know it’s true, but what if you haven’t had the practice?


There are simple ways to make your lingerie more professional. 

These tips are for beginner and experienced bra makers alike.

It is the little extra effort and time that makes all the difference.


Here we go:


  1. Read and follow the patterns instructions. Really that is my number one tip!!!

      The designer who wrote them knows what they’re talking about do what they tell you to get the best result.


  1. Sew with lace

      Lace is beautiful and by using it will make your lingerie more professional.

      Lace also hides uneven stitching and many other mistakes.  


    1. Coordinate or match your fabric and findings

          If your bra fabric and findings are coordinated, it looks more professional.

          This took me time to master, the solution was to use bra making and knicker kits.

          That meant the coordinating was done for me.


    1. Match the thread with your findings and fabric

          Take the time to match the thread colour with your fabric.

          This sometimes means changing the thread during the make for different parts.

          Trust me the extra effort is well worth it.


    5.  Snip loose threads when your finished.

         Stray threads are annoying and make your lingerie look less polished or  professional.  

         At the end of every make take 2 minutes to snip away all the loose threads. 


    6.   Make a toile especially if you are trying out a new pattern.

          I did say practice makes perfect -and a bra always goes so much better the second time!

          Lingerie sewing is very precise so if you make a toile, use the same fabric for your final bra.

          I make my toiles from sheer cup lining, assuming the pattern calls for a stable knit. 

          If the pattern calls for stretch I use  a firm power net. These will be wearable toiles.

          Sheer cup lining/ power net is the lining and the working fabric of my final make.

          What is the difference between my final make and the toile?

          The lining fabric is covered with a beautiful fashion fabric.


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