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Silky blue lace pants kit

Silky blue lace pants kit
Sold out

Call them pants, panties, knickers, smalls or undies you will make a beautiful pair with this kit!


What do you get?

2 meters of this glorious stretch lace

2 meters of grey fold over elastic 

1 piece of black cotton 30cm  (GOTS certified organic)


Always check your sewing pattern requirements before you buy a kit. We want you to make some beautifully fitting smalls with this!


Lace info

Colour: Teal and light blue

Width: 22cm

Stretch percentage = 50%

Place of manufacture: EU


Elastic info 

Product Composition: 48% elastane 52% polyamide

Place of manufacture: EU


Cotton info 

Product Composition: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton 

Place of manufacture: Turkey