Swimsuit kits in black and red


Is there anything more classic than a black or red swimsuit? 

With this kit you have everything you need to make yourself  beautiful classic swimwear. Just add thread! 

With this kit you can make the Sophie Swimsuit by Closet Core patterns, the Mojito Swimsuit by Fityoo Lingerie or the Hannah Bikini by Studio Costura to name just a few of my favourite patterns.


What do you get? 

1 meter of Italian made black or red Lycra 

1 meter of Italian made pe9ach swim lining

5 meters of Italian swim elastic 10mm wide

1 piece of 20cm by 20cm black stable lining 

1 metal bikini closure 

1 meter of clear elastic 8mm wide


Now you just need to pick between black or red!


Fabric Specifics:

Swimwear lycra with 30% stretch- 190gsm composition 80% polymide 20% Lycra

Swim Lining with 30% stretch - 190gsm  composition 80% polymide 20% Lycra

Fabric dimensions - 1 meter x 1.6 meters