Upcycle old clothes into new undies!!

Did you know old worn-out t-shirts and leggings make the softest underwear?


Here are a few tips to get you started on making new undies from old clothes.


  1. Read the pattern requirements and be clear on the stretch requirements you will need.


  1. Go through your old worn out clothes and pick the ones that feel like they would be nice undies. 


  1. Check your fabric content on the labels - you are looking for all natural fibres like cotton or with some spandex. 


  1. For the gusset you want to have 100% cotton for the gusset. 


  1. Do not pick the fabrics just on colour or patterns - they must feel right.  You can always make boring plain fabrics into classy sexy undies with fancy elastics or by adding lace. 
  2. Check the stretch percentage of your fabric to see it     matches that of the pattern.  If it doesn’t you can adjust the pattern or sew a larger or smaller size. This will take a bit of trial and error. 
  3. When recycling old clothes try to use the less worn fabric. For example with old t-shirts I totally avoid using the fabric from under the arms - its usually very frayed or has holes. 

8.  Save your 100% Cotton scraps for gussets.

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