Week 1 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - The Mara bralette

Published on 23 January 2022 at 18:26

Week one of my 2022 bra a week challenge is over! And what have I got to show for it?

I have one Mara bralette made in this beautiful dark red daisy lace.

Bralettes/ non – wired bras or soft bras are a great option for lots of reasons I like them because they are comfortable, and the fit is more forgiving than wired bras. I am currently pregnant and due in June. And my experience has been that my cup size is changing rapidly. If I was to perfect my cup fit now, it would have changed by next week. So bralettes are a great option for me right now!


Right now, I need support and comfort from my bralette. I like Studio Costura’s Mara bralette pattern because it offers important support features like a back closure and a rigid cradle.  


That said I added a few additional supports which were: 


  • A higher cup coverage to give more cup support and coverage.
  • A wider band giving more support
  • Using a firm power net adding support for the cups


I didn’t add gathering between the cups to give a small dip between the breasts.  Think I will do this next time tho!



When you make a cup or band higher remember this will impact on the other pieces of the bra.


I increased the height of the cups and band meaning the cradle height had to increase so the cup and band would fit.


The white paper is the original pattern, and the brown is my adjusted pattern.

Conclusions on this week?

I really like this pattern. The fit is very comfortable and feels supportive. 

This is one of many. In a few months I want to hack the pattern to a nursing bra. 


Links to the materials I used are here: 

1. Lace - Crimson Red Daisy patterned lace.

2. Beige Power-net - I used this for the cups and band.

3. Black strap elastic.

4. Picot Elastic.

5. Studio Costura's Mara Bralette sewing pattern.





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