Week 2 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - Pants!

Published on 29 January 2022 at 12:30

If you thought the Bra a week challenge was all bras you were wrong!

For the challenge I am going to be making all types of underwear and even swimwear!


This is the last weekend of January and I decided it was time for a fun upcycle! The fabric I used was a lovely soft pink from an old worn-out t-shirt. Luckily when t-shirts, vests and leggings wear out they can be made into lovely soft underwear.


When upcycling or repurposing fabric remember you still need to check the stretch percentage. This t-shirt has a 25% stretch.

I made 2 pairs of pants

  • The Acacia pattern by Megan Neilson
  • Madalynne X Simplicity 8229


I got two pairs of Acacias cut out of my t-shirt and have lots left over for gussets. 

I think the pink will be fab with my fuchsia pink lace in the shop- but that is for another week!


There was not enough left over for pair of Madalynne 8229. These are wonderfully high waisted so need more fabric. But I has some burgundy stretch cotton jersey in my stash.


I finished the Acacias in grey FOE / fold over elastic – I love the grey pink together and the FOE gives a sporty vibe.


My Madalynne pair I finished in black decorative picot which makes them feel sophisticated. This elastic is perfect for the waist but the details create a funny VPL on the legs….. The plan was to finish the leg holes in black FOE but….. I felt that was not fancy enough. High waisted pants are glamorous! And they are higher than my high waisted jeans so I will only wear them with dresses. Ad then little frill on the legs is no problem!!

There you gave it I have three comfy new pants AND recycled an old top that as my mother says "was only fit for the bin!".


Here are the links to the supplies I used:


  • Worn out t-shirts/ vests or leggings – Probably somewhere in your house


  • Acacia pattern by Megan Neilson (Link here)




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