Week 3 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - The Lawren Bodysuit

Published on 6 February 2022 at 18:47

The last few makes were practical and very comfy underwear. And as This week is the first week of February and time for romance and glamour!

I've wanted to make the Lawren bodysuit by Madalynne Intimates for a while and bought the pattern when it first launched! I love the fun play on underwear as outer wear.


I’ve made bodysuits in the past and until now haven't had to make many fit adjustments.

But now I have a growing bump and cup size, both that need to be accounted for! The adjustments I will make need to cover my current and future size. This is new territory for me and I am not too sure how this will work out. So, let's see what happens and learn a few things!


The pattern is in two halves, the bottom / panty and the top / bust. This means you can make up each half, baste together and see how the fit works.


I made the following adjustments to my pattern pieces:

  1. Lengthened the front panty panel by 10cm.
  2. Not an adjustment but sized up in my cup size.


I didn't make any changes to the back panty panel. Instead gathered or ruched the extra 10cm length in the front down to be the same length as the back bottom panty panel.

With the bottom and top pieces sewn and the basted together it was time to try them on. And....I decided 10cm additional length on the front panel was not enough for the bump….. But I had forgotten to Sew on the gusset! And obviously there would not be enough length! I didn't know that then!


What to do? I added a 10cm band of the main fabric and lining fabric between the top and bottom half. Then realized my gusset mistake and sewed it all up.


The results? If I had left out the band the fit would have been perfect right now as I am. With the additional 10cm band the fit of the top has become distorted. The cups don’t fit over my bust and drift upwards as there is not enough tension or pull from the bottom half to fit over my bust.


Solutions- I could simply cut out the additional band. But...I am going to wait a while. Like I said earlier the bump is growing. If I take out the band it will fit perfectly now but in a few weeks it will be a tight squeeze.

Conclusions on this week?

This is a glamorous sexy make in the black lace and power net.

The main fabric was black power net which gives support. The black really pops with the light beige mesh lining.

I do really like the play on lingerie as outer wear but something that is a bit hard to style. To do Lawren justice I will wear it with a plain black skinny jean to allow the lace and power net to pop. 


This is the first of many, the next will be with more colour. This week’s black brought glamour and I think colour would bring fun.  

Links to the materials I used are here: 

  1. Lace-I used a different lace that never made it to the shop.

But this black lace with floral details is a great option. This lace is 15cm wide which wasn’t wide enough for the larger pattern pieces. I spliced the piece together with smaller pieces and sewed them together. The wonderful thing about lace is that the stitching is not visible. 

  1. Black Power-net
  2. Decorative black elastic
  3. Lawren bodysuit pattern 

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