Week 4 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - A valentines themed Mara bralette

Published on 13 February 2022 at 15:59
Res lace Mara Bralette with white straps .

Welcome to the 4th week of the Bra a Week Challenge!

Its Valentines / Galentines and I wanted to make something pretty for myself. This red lace is beautiful and the pops of orange work add fun to the pattern. I am in need of more soft wireless bras to accommodate my changing size. This called for the Mara bralette by studio costura.


This is the second Mara in the challenge (see my first here). I added a few adjustments to the pattern to change the fit slightly. I gathered between the cups. This creates a dip between my breasts defining them separately. I was a little messy with the gathering so I sewed some wide beige elastic over the messy join.

I left the back / bra wings as just power net , leaving off the lace. The different tones in the lace meant the beige powernet works well with the lace.



The inside of my Mara Bralette. It is lined with beige powernet.
I gathered between the cups. The join between the cups was messy.

I used all white elastics and closures I think it all works well together. The different tones in the lace make it easy to integrate different colours of findings.

The powernet cups are finished with the decorative white elastic and sit under the scalloped edge lace. The white peeps over the red lace and it's a playful detail.

This pattern is the same size as my last are but feels slightly bigger. The gathering/ ruching between the cups and this lace being more relaxed then the daisy lace give s more room in the cups. Not a whole cup size but a more relaxed fit.

Materials I used are linked here:

1. Mara Bralette Pattern by Studio Costura 
2. Red lace with orange and floral details
3. Beige powernet
4. White picot elastic
5. White decorative elastic

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