Week 5 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - The Hibou Bodysuit

Published on 20 February 2022 at 12:51

Welcome to another bra a week challenge!

This week I took a break from bras to make myself a Hibou bodysuit by Harito Lingerie, a Belgium designer. This is my first time making this pattern or anything by Harito Lingerie. I've been seeing so many Hibous out in the wild on instagram that I wanted to give it a try. The geometric panels in the pattern is what drew me. It looks chic and with the panels, different colours or textures will add a fun twist. 


But, being my first go I will keep this Hibou simple and all from the same fabric. This will be a wearable toil giving me a sense of the fit / look on my body and what adjustments needed. I used this lovely blue cotton jersey from my stash.

When printing the pattern I printed a range of sizes - I'm not sure if it was my printer or the pattern but it was difficult to identify the sizing. I recommend you know your size before printing and just print that layer.

As always I need to adjust for the #bump so added 20cm to the front pattern by lengthening at the waist. When the fabric was cut out I gathered down to make the front and the back the same length.


How did it turn out?

I love the end result and the cotton jersey is very comfortable and I can incorporate it into my daily wardrobe. I also may make a swimsuit version.

The super stylish geometric panels create a lovely shape as well as look.  But they were a little tricky to sew together. The solution is to take your time and read the instructions and the result is totally worth it. 


The fit is good for a wearable toile, but next time I will size up for the cups and down for the hips to get the perfect fit. 


Materials I used:

1. The Hibou bodysuit pattern by Harito Lingerie 

2. Strap elastic
3. Grey Fold Over elastic
4. Rings and Sliders

See above how I gathered the front panel to match the back.     The different panels add a lovely shape and are very chic. 

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