Week 7 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - Another Hibou Bodysuit

Published on 9 March 2022 at 20:57

And... I'm a little late posting this blog about last weeks bra a week challenge!  


This week I made another Hibou bodysuit. I made this pattern a few weeks ago as a toile - see how I got on here. This time I wanted to add more glamour and emphasize the geometric panels that I think make it so chic. 


I used a black lace for the top of the cups and the legs. The main fabric was this turquoise stretch cotton jersey from my stash. I was a bit nervous mixing colours but I am so happy with the results!! 


To add a bit of extra detail and finish I "topstitched" the seams with a zigzag stitch (I'm not sure if it's top stitching if you use a zig zag stitch. But you get my meaning!).


As always I added 20cm extra to the front bodice for the bump which I gathered down matching the front bodice length with the back bodice length.


I was under time pressure this week and instead of sewing on snaps I used a bra hook and eye closure on the crotch. It sewed up quickly and was very neat. Next time I would shorten the gusset fabric to allow for the extra length of the closure.

If you do use a bra closure it will take a few wears to soften it out - its designed to lie flat(ish) on your back and not as a crotch closure!

I love my new Hibou- I wore it on a trip to Paris - the reason this post is so late! As well as being very comfortable it is warm and the bump is covered. Meaning there are no belly flashes when there are gapes between the tops of trousers and the end of shirts.


What I used :


1. Black stretch lace

2. Black FOE

3. Turquoise stretch jersey from my stash 

4. Hook and eye closure

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