Week 10 Bra a Week Challenge 2022 - Fenix Bodysuit

Published on 27 March 2022 at 20:54

This week I made the Fenix bodysuit by Madelyn intimates.

I'm really liking bodysuits for pregnancy, yes a little extra bathroom but no bump flashing!

This is the second bodysuit pattern by Madelynn that I've made as part of this challenge.

See my post on the Lawren bodysuit I made a few weeks ago here


Let's talk about the pattern, I like the style with it's sharp Vs that look classy and chic. With all the different panels it means there are opportunities to mix and match colours and textures of fabrics and lace. 


This week I kept it to two colours:

- The beige powernet which also was my lining fabric

- A red /coral stretch lace as the feature fabric.


Originally I was going to use the powder grey wide elastic for the center / under bust  elastic. But I didn't think it coordinated and I wanted to keep the palate simple. 

So, I experimented! I covered the elastic with the power net sewing it on using a three step zig zag stitch.

Result? The overall finish was untidy.... Next time I will sew the powernet/ fabric on with an overlocker and then flip it inside out. I will work this technique into a future make!


This was my first time making the Fenix and it was tricky. There were lots of pattern pieces - which give it the cool chic effect but it can be confusing matching them up.

Tip - Label your pattern pieces it will save you a lot of time! I did not.....


For the fit, I sized up in the cup from my original measurement and added in 10cm of bump room.

These adjustments gave the fit I wanted for my bust. But the shoulders were too big . Next time when I go up a cup size I will size down for the shoulders, this may involve moving the straps more centrally. 


The bump adjustment worked and was a comfortable fit. When I made the Lawren the additional bump adjustment threw off the fit of the bust but that had no impact here -Probably because of the under bust elastic adding extra support. 


Overall the Fenix is a very cool make, and I would love to try a swimsuit version. It is designed to give enough bust support so you don't need to wear a bra. Design features like the under bust elastic and the back closure add support. However, right now, in my pregnancy body I need a bra underneath. This isn't due to the design, it's because I added extra cup room and the shoulders are a little loose. This is not a big issue just something to be aware of, and all part of the challenge of sewing for pregnancy!  I am sewing for right now and my future measurements! 


What I used:

 1. The Fenix bodysuit pattern 

 2. Beige Power net 

 3. Red stretch lace (not the exact lace but this one has similar qualities)

 4. Fold Over Elastic

 5. Picot elastic 

 6. Strap Elastic

 7. Wide Elastic

 9. Hook and Eye closure 


Close up view of the stretch lace ontop of the beige powernet.

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